How a citizen of Coburg, Dieter Sonnefeld, made his career in his home town. He has been working for our company for 50 years now and is probably the longest-serving electrical discharge machinist in Germany.

  • Dieter Sonnefeld

In 1965 Dieter Sonnefeld started his training as a tool mechanic and has contributed ever since to every innovation and every tool manufactured in our plant.

Initially, everything starts differently than expected. Mr Sonnefeld moved to another town and for that reason he had to leave his former training and embark on a search for a new training centre located where he was living. The employment office recommended GAUDLITZ to him as a training centre, because Gaulitz had provided a good source of experience in the past. Even during his first interview it became clear that this was going to be the basis of a successful and very long cooperation.

Immediately after the successful completion of his training, Mr Sonnefeld took over the wire cutting electrical discharge department, where he instantly got his first experience of this still relatively young technology.


"For me, this is without doubt a dream job, in which I can realise my passion for technology. It makes me proud to know that our tools are considered to be among the most accurate in the world."

Dieter Sonnefeld, tool mechanic and employee of honour

At that time, this Department had only two employees and two machines. In the years to follow, he made a significant contribution to the targeted development of this department and made the EDM technology useful for both GAUDLITZ and its customers. As the automation and implementation of computer-supported technologies increased, he kept developing his expertise and his skills to accommodate the new technological changes. As an experienced technician, he grew up with every innovation - they still motivate him now as then and give him a great deal of pleasure.

After more than 50 years, Dieter Sonnenfeld is among one of our most loyal, most experienced and most committed employees and still works behind the workbench with the same passion as in 1965.

Other success stories of our employees

  • Paul Neumann

Paul Neumann is a prime example of someone with a successful career at GAUDLITZ. Only three years after completing his training, he is about to take over the maintenance department in our tool making plant.


  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld

They symbolically represent the transfer know-how and good collaboration amongst the different generations at GAUDLITZ: Laura Kett, Dieter Sonnefeld and Florian Schubert.