Our trio from the electrical discharge machining department – generation's team play at GAUDLITZ

  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld

Laura Krett, Florian Schubert and Dieter Sonnefeld – three trained tool mechanics who improve their skills on a daily basis. A perfect combination of experience, passion for technology and youthful enthusiasm.

Florian Schubert:

Florian started his training as a tool mechanic in 2011. After a successful completion in 2015, he assumed his tasks in the wire cutting electrical discharge department where he keeps proving his expertise on a daily basis.

Dieter Sonnefeld:

As probably the longest-serving wire cutting electrical discharge machinist in entire Germany, he has been with the company for 50 years now and enhancing our tool production with his expertise and immense experience.
All three of them want their professional future to be in their home town and remain here. They see here the best possible conditions for their professional and private future, their family and friends are also here and they can all live in an interesting lively town.

"It is fun to learn from experienced and friendly colleagues. Here we improve all our skills when someone needs our help."

Laura Krett, vocational trainee and tool mechanic

The three of them consider the inter-generational collaboration of young and experienced employees to be a special bonus. Mr Sonnefeld passes on his passion and experience to the following generation, Ms Krett and Mr Schubert enrich their department with their youthful commitment and unconventional fresh ideas. The age difference does not constitute any problem whatsoever, quite the contrary. These three people understand each other perfectly and have a lot of fun when working together.

  • Dieter Sonnefeld

Dieter Sonnefeld has been working at our company since 1965. A long time in which he has been able to apply his passion for precision to thousands of tools.


  • Paul Neumann

Paul Neumann is a prime example of someone with a successful career at GAUDLITZ. Only three years after completing his training, he is about to take over the maintenance department in our toolmaking plant.