From the school desk up to a responsible performer. After only a couple of years, Paul Neumann found himself exactly there where he wanted to be: at the very top.

  • Lars Dillmann

Paul Neumann has been employed with GAUDLITZ since 2008. In 2014, two years after having completed his training, he assumed the representative leadership over the Maintenance Department in our tool production facility. The genuine Franconian will succeed his superior in the department management after the latter retires.

Why here and not elsewhere??

My home town is an important factor for me when it comes to a profession selection. It is nice to live in Franconia, in a manageable and diversified environment, far from large cities and their stress. Coburg is a beautiful town, and I am particularly impressed with Veste.

Why did you consciously decide to work for GAUDLITZ?

I was also offered work elsewhere, in larger companies in the vicinity of Coburg. I took my internship at one of these companies; however, I did not have the impression that it was the right place for me. The atmosphere at GAUDLITZ impressed me, already at the very beginning. The training manager, Mr Armann, impressed me by his likeable manner in which he presented the company during the guided tour. And as you can see, this first impression has not disappointed me. The company is perfect for me and I for it.

Was it hard for you to assume such responsibility so quickly after the completion of your training?

Handling the responsibility was of course, particularly hard and unusual for me at the beginning. So to speak, I was thrown into cold water and had to learn to make my own decisions. However, my superior and my colleagues helped me at the time. Everyone is there for everyone else and everyone can contribute their skills. Now the responsibility became a natural part of my work. Without it, there would be no challenge.

What fascinates you in your job?

You never repeat yourself here. Every tool is different; every customer's order represents a new challenge for an employee to demonstrate his/her skills. A versatile job with wonderful, experienced colleagues who readily share their knowledge, but also expect you to be dedicated to your job.


  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld

They symbolically represent the transfer of know-how and good teamwork amongst the different generations of employees at GAUDLITZ: Laura Kett, Dieter Sonnefeld and Florian Schubert.


  • Dieter Sonnefeld

Dieter Sonnefeld has been working at our company since 1965. A long time in which he has been able to apply his passion for precision to thousands of tools.