There are many reasons for an internship at GAUDLITZ. One good reason is to get acquainted with your future employer.

Whether work experience for school pupils, trial or mandatory internship for university students. We will find time for you and your future.

At GAUDLITZ you will be given full opportunity to get acquainted with our core business and to develop your passion for most up-to-date technologies and future-oriented materials. Get valuable practice-oriented experience in an internationally positioned plastics manufacturing and supply company - the earlier the better.


Frequently Asked Questions


In what areas can internships be carried out?

School students: Basically, in all areas where we offer skilled-job training.

University students: Both in the commercial and technical sectors of our company, depending on the amount of support available.


What is the final date for applications?

It is possible to carry out an internship during or outside the school year. Please submit your letter of application at least four weeks before the desired starting date.


What documents do I have to submit?

Please send us a short letter stating the desired period as well as the job area in which you would like to do the internship. Also, please send us your CV and a copy of your most recent school or university report.


What requirements do I have to fulfil for an internship?

School pupils: a short letter of application that shows that you are interested in the profession concerned.

University students: a short letter of application and a job interview in the respective department.


How long does the internship take?

School students: Usually one week, but it is also possible - if you wish so - to take an internship for two weeks or even for just a couple of days.

University students: A mandatory internship takes at least 6 months depending on the study programme, a voluntary internship takes 3 to 6 months.

Will I be paid?

School pupils: We don't pay pupils.

University students: We pay 600€ per month for a mandatory internship; if necessary and depending on availability, we may even be able to provide an inexpensive room in company accommodation.


Person to contact

Vanessa Leiher

Telefon +49 9561 / 648-229

Your internship at GAUDLITZ. The choice is yours.

Trial internship

It does not matter whether you are a pupil at school or university student or you just want to change your career. Learn everything that is relevant to your desired future profession. We will quickly provide you with a realistic insight into all relevant business sectors.


Holiday work

Get helpful practical experience and improve your holiday budget along the way. We are always looking for reliable and ambitious assistants.


Mandatory internship

Combine theory with practice and complete your mandatory internship in the vicinity of Coburg University. Develop new abilities and first-hand knowledge in the current project environment and make yourself familiar with our company culture.