"Old hands", peak performers and people who have grown together with our company. Our employees share their personal success stories with you.

Retrospectives, perspectives and a clear commitment to our region. We all have achieved a lot with GAUDLITZ and there is still even more to be achieved.

Ever since the establishment of our company 80 years ago, we have been relying upon our local junior staff. Here you can read what they achieved and their experience with us. From probably the longest-serving wire cutting electrical discharge machinist in all Germany, our generation trio, to people with steep career paths – You can also write your own success story.

  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld

They symbolically represent the transfer of know-how and good teamwork amongst the different generations of employees at GAUDLITZ: Laura Kett, Dieter Sonnefeld and Florian Schubert.