Our trio from the electrical discharge machining department – generation's team play at GAUDLITZ

  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld

Since March 2018, Linda Hein, who comes from Görlitz, has been with GAUDLITZ and has been around a lot.

Dresden, Coburg, Munich and now Coburg again: After school, she did not go on a long long-distance journey, as many others did, but went straight to training as a bank clerk. She liked the direct contact with customers and different people right from the start. Linda's career has actively advanced her with further and advanced training, e.g. as an economist, trainer or accountant.

After Linda moved back to Coburg with her family and her former employer had not offered her a job, good discussions and the invitation to work for us as a career changer with a lot of experience followed.

"It is incredibly difficult, as a mother with two children, to get the opportunity to work part-time. I am very happy about the prospects that GAUDLITZ offers me. For me, this is a new start."

Linda Hein could even imagine working for some time in our subsidiaries abroad when her two sons are older. Now the Yogini wants to concentrate on her new tasks and the new team.
Welcome to the GAUDLITZ family!