80th anniversary of GAUDLITZ coated in a valuable and pathbreaking design – the new anniversary logo.

the new anniversary logo

What does the development of a company over 80 years signify today? In our opinion, a lot. It doesn’t only mean a remarkable team effort, but also customers that believe in the company and are daily convinced from the quality of our products. In the year 1937, Oskar GAUDLITZ established our company with a handful of employees. Today, 80 years later, as a leading quality specialist in plastic processing, we have established ourselves with three locations and 550 employees in the market.

Filled with appreciation for the performance of generations of GAUDLITZ employees, the pioneering spirit of our founders and the continuous development of our company, we are honored to present the anniversary logo to you as an official start of the anniversary year.

  • the new GAUDLITZ anniversary logo

Looking back, looking forward

Of course the number 80 and the existing company brand image is in the limelight of the new GAUDLITZ signet. In association with a racing track, we highlight the significance of our automotive industry and signal the positive performance and development of our GAUDLITZ locations in the past eight decades. The buoyant lines underline the growing market dynamic, but also the huge potential that lays ahead of us. At the same time, it was important to us to have a coherent, harmonic integration of the brand in the overall appearance.

The new logo is an addition to the existing corporate design and will be integrated in various areas of the company communication these upcoming weeks to guide us through the entire anniversary year. A starting point for the upcoming anniversary celebrations and PR measures of which we will keep you up to date.