We develop and produce high-precision stamping and injection moulding tools for almost all types of thermo- and duroplasts.

Thanks to the conscious decision to have an in-house tool manufacturing facility in the production plant in Coburg, we are able to react to the customer's demands even faster and can make use of our competences interdepartmentally.

On the basis of computer-controlled construction, manufacturing and inspection technologies, we create high-precision tools for all required cavities, materials and ways of integration. Equipped for more than 500 different duroplastics and thermoplastics and thanks to our knowledge about shrinkage and demoulding properties, we can offer you injection moulding and injection stamping tools which are considered to be amongst the most precise in the world.


  • Correction to hundredths of a millimetre if necessary
  • Tools designed for more than 500 different plastics
  • Cost and productivity advantages
    thanks to automated handling systems
  • In-house metrology lab
    for preparing tool correction data
  • Cost efficiency and time saving thanks to our
    own hardening plant
  • Many decades of experience
    in developing
    complex tools

Our full expertise for a high-precision, wear-resistant and long-life tool. The process.

As an interface between Development, Metrology and Plastic processing, we produce tool designs within the scope of a clearly defined quality assurance process, which maps all customer requirements in the best way possible. Thanks to state-of-the-art eroding, milling and automation techniques, we can manufacture tools in batches and design them according to customer's needs. These tools can later be corrected to hundredths of a millimetre if necessary.

  • 360 degrees expertise

Tool development

SFrom injection moulding to demoulding. We carry out simulations in advance in order to check the feasibility and rule out any potential for errors.

The plastic-compatible treatment and optimisation of item data is carried out in our tool development plant. We carry out advance simulations in accordance with thermal and mechanical criteria and derive important knowledge about the optimal injection time, wall thickness and demoulding conicity.

  • MouldFlow feasibility analyses
  • KISSsoft evaluations
  • Plastic-compatible formatting

Tool construction

Taking all process-relevant criteria and departments into consideration, we prepare a tool concept – the base for our CAD construction.

Within the scope of a precisely defined inspection procedure, we design the tools in an optimal way when it comes to temperature conditioning, structural strength and cycle. Based on this, the construction data are sent to CAM systems and subsequently forwarded directly to the manufacturing plant.

  • Inspection process of the construction (FEM, metrology analyses, operating analyses)
  • Preparation of the tool design
  • Construction software Siemens NX

Tool manufacturing

In our tool manufacturing plant we manufacture all conventional duroplastics and thermoplastics tools including single, multiple-cavity, multiple-component and inlay tools.

Automated handling technology, inserts parts into the machining centre. Thanks to the integration of a 3D viewer system, we can carry out a "paperless production" which ensures a quick, cost-effective and efficient project workflow. We carry out our production in state-of-the-art processing centres, 24 hours a day, and assemble all tool parts directly on site. A subsequent operating test of the complete tool and an optimisation under batch production conditions ensure that your specifications are implemented according to the specification sheet down to the last detail.

  • Injection stamping and injection moulding tools up to 32 cavities.
  • 24-hour runtime thanks to fully automated assembly facility (Chameleon Z+K)
  • Paperless production
  • Special features: coordinate grinder and in-house hardening plant

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