rom the region into the whole world. As one of the world's leading development partners and system supplier for plastic products, we focus on healthy growth.

We achieve this by maintaining uncompromising quality, full service for every component and process automation.

For 80 years, our marketing has been based on quality, has focussed on the needs of our customers and shown responsibility towards all interest groups participating in the process. We are always flexibility adapting ourselves to market requirements and can offer our customers complete solutions developed to meet specifications and needs at a global level.

We are an internationally active regional employer; constantly growing we have developed a strategy of glocalisation.

Quality leader

Every product of ours represents a reliable, worldwide promise of quality. Quality in form of high-precision, process-safe and economical plastic products that are specifically designed for the customer and developed and manufactured on the basis of an integrated certified management system.


Full-service supplier

As a system supplier, we unite all product-relevant process stages at one site – from development, to the assembly of modules and systems. This enables us to increase the added value and to support our customers around the world as "one" competent contact person.


Power of innovation

We see ourselves as a development partner to industry and consider innovation to be a holistic process that has to be initiated and implemented by all participants in the process chain. Our technologies and products help us decisively shape the development of our industry and customers.



Starting from a strong regional market, we face our international competitors, with a well-organised regional supplier network and dedicated regional service providers. Our deliberate strategy is to transfer our high standards to other countries. "Think global, act local."


Process stability

Thanks to the high automation level and compliance with our group-wide quality standards and requirements, we manage to make our processes even safer, more efficient and more reproducible. Consequently, we can offer a product of standardised quality throughout the world.



The opening of new sales channels on the Asian market and in the NAFTA region and on-going expansion of our position as a quality leader in our core European markets have helped us grow in an organic, stable and healthy manner and together with our strategic partners from all over the world. In this way we ensure our competitiveness and the long term success of our enterprise.