We are passionate developers, pioneers of plastics, quality proponents and a system supplier. Our goal is to promote precision down to the nanometre range.

  • Our mission

Our mission – precision defines our way of thinking and handling and applies to every process, service and component.

All across the world, we convince our customers with our precision. We also probe the limits of feasibility on a daily basis and renew them. We also understand the challenges our customers set and their products. Consequently, we are always able to implement the best technical and most economical solutions for complex and challenging plastic-based parts and modules. Thanks to our quality products, services and processes, we are strengthening the market position of our customers and thus ensuring the sustainable development of our company to the advantage of our employees, partners and regions where the company is located.

  • Our vision

Our vision – GAUDLITZ as a worldwide leader and business contact for complex plastic modules and system solutions based on high-precision parts.

In the future we want to evolve outside Europe and become the top quality system supplier for complex, engineered plastic parts. We will be successful at this due to the consistent development of our expertise and our technologies, expansion of our capacities and the opening of new sales channels. As a state-of-the-art, attractive company, we create a suitable environment for innovation, motivation and success. We are proud of being able to fulfil even the most challenging requirements others cannot deal with.

  • Our commitment to innovations

Our commitment to innovation – we consider ourselves to be a development partner that supports future-oriented ideas and helps bring them onto the market.

Our services are an important contribution to future technologies. Thanks to our collaboration with raw material suppliers, industry and associations, as well as our decade-long experience in processing plastics, we are now able to support our customers along the entire process, starting from the development and implementation of their ideas. For us development means the shortening of processes by introducing the latest plastic processing technologies, increasing process safety and a more economical management of products to production maturity.


As a tradition-steeped family business, we stand for an experienced and established foundation of values.

Passion for progress

We are always looking for new technologies, industries and possibilities for practical implementation of our plastics for our customers.

Steadfastness and traditions

We are proud of our roots and focused on a sustainable location, supply and employment policy.

Fairness and appreciation

We prefer communication at an eye-to-eye level, trustful, respectful collaboration and the rewarding of the work of our employees.


Aspiration and benchmark

We do not want to swim side by side with our competitors but would rather set new standards – to impress our customers with quality and precision.


We want to grow within the scope of our possibilities, together with our strategic partners, customers and employees and always remain one step ahead of our competitors.

Strength of our team

We expand our experience and competence into a strong team. We are not lone wolves but rather play in a team.


We operate on a sustainable basis and behave responsibly towards our environment, partners and social environment.

Loyal to our main site and open to the world

We know where we come from, who we are and where we want to be. Our products are global ambassadors, evidence of achievement – the basis for new markets and partnerships.


We would never replace our employees with any machine in this world or any kind of automation or technical perfection.

The more than 560 employees of our entire group are the supporting pillars of our company and real performers who stand behind all our components and modules. They all represent the GAUDLITZ brand throughout the world.

Employee policy