We rely on sound technical advice and adapt processes to fit exactly to your needs because we know how different the requirements placed on a component can be.

This means you will always be assured that the solution is economical and compatible with the plastic and the specification.

We are a global business contact when it comes to the actual one-to-one implementation of complex technical challenges that are plastic-compatible and economical. On top of this, we place the needs of our customers and their uses at the forefront. Our customer policy is based on long-term partnerships, mutual appreciation and a transparent, market-oriented pricing system. We also prefer personal dialogue and a fair and honest relationship based on common rules of conduct and values.


Excellent counselling

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your market, your product and your requirements we can provide you with advice, from project planning to the series production. Expertise which can place your product on the market more quickly and in a more mature state.


Long-term partnerships

Our customers appreciate excellent quality and are partners with whom we can work with to bring innovations to life in the long term.


Thanks to our efficient structures, optimised processes and comprehensive capacities, we are able to provide you with flexible and reliable assistance even in short-term bottleneck situations.



Our goal is to ensure that we and our customers enjoy mutual growth to secure the long-term, successful future development of our customers by means of cost-efficient, unique and innovative products.

Full-service partner

We combine all the product-relevant skills at one location. In this way we spare you from unnecessary enquiry queues, accelerate the process and ensure the quality along the entire value added chain.



We place great emphasis on honest and transparent communication with our customers, a market-oriented pricing system and on open and constructive problem solving.