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That's how nice stool sample devices can be: Our own simplix device presents itself on its own website...

What is our simplix device and how does it work? All essential aspects are presented briefly on our new website. What is hidden behind it will surprise you! - It's worth taking a look:

The website is also available in German and Spanish.

The simplix stool sample collection and transportation device has the following fivefold advantages over traditional methods of preparing stool samples for assay:

  • Significant reduction of Lab technician time: Sample material does not need to be individually weighed or quantity of test solution to be added calculated. simplix automatically collects a precise amount of sample so a standard solution quantity can be added.
  • Risk of error is reduced: Eliminating the weighing and calculation steps means less chance of a mistake.
  • Cleaner proces: simplix ergonomic design and ease of use reduces the risk of unwanted sample material transfer, with lower likelihood of decontamination being required
  • No need for additional materials: Once sample is collected and solution added, simplix goes directly into the vortexer / centrifuge to disperse the sample, with no need for additional vessels or containers.
  • Easy, odour free, disposal of excess sample material: simplix locks the excess material in sealed adaptor that can be easily and cleanly disposed of, after use.

The simplix can be used for many diagnostic assays on stool samples, and has proven especially applicable to diagnosis and monitoring of Irritable Bowel Diseases, Exocrine Pancreatic Function, Food Intolerance and Colorectal Cancer.

Our simplix tubes are manufactured under the sterile conditions of a clean room. Highest quality is given. GAUDLITZ is proud to be able to take a small step towards the further development of the health and medical industry.

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