Strategic investments at Gaudlitz

The company strengthens its Coburg technical centre and concentrates production in the plants in the Czech Republic and China.

In order to meet the requirements of the market and customers even better, the Gaudlitz Group of Companies, Coburg, is strategically expanding the company in a targeted manner. In future, the headquarters in Coburg will be further developed into a high-performance technical centre where, in addition to the creation of new products, the industrialisation and automation of manufacturing processes, prototype construction, small series production and customer support, among other things, will be advanced. "We are thus creating a competent development centre that will bring our customers significant added value in terms of quality and service, sustainably support our industrial manufacturing processes and thus strongly increase the performance of the entire company," emphasises the managing director of the Gaudlitz Group of Companies Niels Roelofsen. "In future, the technical centre will bear the name Gaudlitz Hub.

In the future, the manufacturing capacities will mainly be concentrated in the plants in the Czech Republic and China. Gaudlitz started up the site in Dacice, Czech Republic, back in 2007. Last year, the company was able to buy a new, larger factory building in the immediate vicinity of this plant with an investment of almost 10 million euros, into which the machines and equipment will move in the next few months. At the same time, production at the Gaudlitz plant in Coburg will concentrate on clean room, thermoset and technically sophisticated thermoplastic products. A large part of the equipment from Coburg will therefore also be relocated to the Czech Republic. The other part will remain at the Coburg technical centre. "Thus, after the partial relocation, which should be completed by the end of March 2024 at the latest, we will employ just under 100 people in Dacice instead of 85 today," says Niels Roelofsen. The plant specialises in the production of injection moulded parts made of thermoplastics, silicone overmoulding of plastic parts, but also in the production of entire assemblies.

"The modern plant in the Czech Republic offers Gaudlitz a whole range of advantages - from low operating costs to the central location in the middle of Europe to qualified employees. Studies show that the Czech Republic has the best conditions in Europe for setting up production," emphasises Niels Roelofsen. "This is all the more true for Gaudlitz because a very large proportion of our customers manufacture in Eastern Europe and we therefore have short distances for logistics and service."

Gaudlitz has also been active in Wuxi, China, for 20 years. A good 100 employees work there at Gaudlitz Precision Technology and mainly supply customers in the Asian region.

In addition to the technical centre, the central functions in administration, sales, purchasing and IT will be strengthened at the company headquarters in Coburg. They will bundle services for the entire group of companies even more than before and control the plants in the Czech Republic and China. "The Coburg site will therefore continue to be the headquarters of the Gaudlitz Group of Companies in the future and play an essential role in the further development of our company," says Niels Roelofsen.

Of the 115 employees currently working at Gaudlitz in Coburg, 31 will in future work in the central functions and Gaudlitz Holding. Of the employees from the current Coburg production, 45 will join the technical centre. For the remaining 39 employees, the management is striving for socially acceptable solutions in addition to a voluntary programme, which is being negotiated with the works council.

"The time is right for Gaudlitz to make these investments in the future," says Niels Roelofsen, "We are doing well economically, so we have acquired the necessary creative power."

"With this strategic further development, we are setting clear focal points of competence in the Gaudlitz Group of Companies, simplifying our processes and strengthening our overall customer orientation," emphasises Managing Director Roelofsen. "The best prerequisites for a successful future."

About Gaudlitz:

The Gaudlitz Group has been one of the world's leading system suppliers of complex, high-precision plastic solutions for the automotive, medical technology and industrial technology sectors for more than 85 years. Gaudlitz consists of the headquarters in Coburg, which functions as the administrative and technology centre within the group, and the two subsidiaries in Wuxi/China and Dacice/Czech Republic. Thanks to a high level of automation throughout the group, uniform quality standards and high-quality technical equipment, Gaudlitz offers consistently high, reproducible and process-reliable quality. All three sites work closely together, complement each other perfectly with their respective strengths and capacities, and thus ensure the competitiveness of the entire company in the long term.






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