The Technical University Nuremberg visits GAUDLITZ: "Students of a different kind".

We have been cultivating good relations with the universities in our region for decades. In October, "students of a different kind" visited our headquarter in Coburg...

Certain clichés arise in your head when you are thinking about "students". Our guests, who recently visited us, were quite different: Around forty Chinese people, all in the center of their professional lives, working in different industries and mostly in management positions, were able to experience some impressions of our actions and activities.

The background to all this is an exchange program at Nuremberg Technical University: In cooperation with Zhejiang University Hangzhou, which is located around 200 kilometers south of Wuxi, professional programs are offered for Chinese managers, entrepreneurs and civil servants. During their visit to Germany they receive lectures and insights into various areas of German industry and business.

During our company presentation and the joint exchange, the focus was on our previous relations with China. We are very interested in strengthening these relations.

Prof. Dr. Werner Fees expressed his thanks: "China is omnipresent. Our guests will keep Germany and GAUDLITZ in good memory".



Photo: Shanin Nogueira Lois