Precise-fitting, long-life plastic parts and assemblies that satisfy all operational service life requirements. Our contribution to industrial engineering.

Injection moulded components and hybrid parts for a broad range of uses in electrical engineering, conveyors, measurement and control systems. Anything is possible.


Our customers place stringent demands on the longevity, chemical resistance and smoothness of our components - especially in this broad and diverse market segment. This we manage by choosing the right materials, ensuring the plastic-compatible design of all components and by meeting the toughest location, shape and position tolerances. Our mission is to implement systems and manufacture components more efficiently than the competition. To do this, we put our efforts into adhering to our quality standards, stable processes, sensible automation solutions and the very latest injection moulding- and co-injection technologies.

  • A development partner to industry for 80 years
  • Long-lasting, stable processes
  • Meeting the narrowest tolerances for location, shape and position
  • Meeting stringent cleanliness requirements thanks to production in company's own clean room
  • Certified to ISO/TS 16949

Since 1937 we have carried out over 2,000 industrial projects with over 500 different materials.

It has taken us a lot of hard work over many decades to attain our status as a quality leader. Since the introduction of on-site thermoplastic and duroplastic processing, we have been working closely with granule manufacturers and our customers towards developing innovative, economical plastic products. We are always one step ahead.


  • conveyor belt technology with high operating characteristics through high-performance plastics


Low-wear and chemical-resistance during the entire service life

From membrane to fluid pump. Our components and systems surpass global specifications for chemical and leak resistance. As well as meeting the required tolerances and use of low-wear plastics, we can achieve lasting quality, weight and cost advantages by using plastics as a substitute for metals.


  • Pump console
  • Head cover
  • Valve cap
  • parts with high demands on chemical resistance and tightness made of wear resistant plastic types

Electrical engineering

From goods transport to wind energy – ultra-precision and in size-restricted construction spaces

Our components prove their worth wherever large flows of energy are being converted. Due to the often highly-sensitive built-in electronics required here, there are particular specifications concerning evenness, cleanliness and the strictest position tolerances. At the same time, the high-performance plastics used must be of have especially high strength to withstand all of the forces continually acting upon them.

  • Housing parts
  • Covers
  • Explosion-proof switches
  • Connectors
  • Load switches
  • parts made of high-performance plastic with high requirements with flatness, cleaness and sticking narrowest position tolerances

Conveyor technology

Tailor-made lightweight solutions for smoothly running conveyor operation

In the area of conveyor technology, our customers benefit from the excellent running properties of our high-performance plastics. Along with less wear, practically zero maintenance and minimising of roller noise.

  • Covers
  • Rollers
  • Side panel
  • Central unit
  • conveyor belt technology with high operational characteristics through high-performance plastic and ultrasonic welding

Control engineering

Functional, ultra-precise valve and cap solutions

Our valve components are used in electro-hydraulic valve actuators and electrically-controlled actuators (also in explosion proof areas). Due to high stiffness and temperature resistance requirements, we use PPS plastics here. High dimensional accuracy and finely drilled holes ensure precise functioning of controls. Our pot core caps are mostly used in inductive sensors. Particularly challenging has been achieving especially thin wall-thicknesses and round geometries in order to use the component in the fully-automated production process without disruption.


  • Pill housing
  • Throttle plate
  • Valve enclosure
  • Pot core caps
  • valve components with high requirements to stifness, temperature resistance and precision

Measurement and weighing technology

Precision components for precise, reliable measurement results

Working in tandem with our customers we develop and manufacture plastic systems for surface measurement equipment, industrial and precision scales. Conductive plastics (LCP) come into extensive use. These are especially good at deflecting failing currents and static charge. One of our strengths in this area is the completion of components, e.g. by adhering guide rails and magnetic films.

  • Lower casings
  • Shell connections
  • Cowls
  • Housing for
    surface measurement devices
  • components and assembly groups for coordinate measuring machines and scales made of conductive plastic

The following reference customers can attest to our performance going back many years. Including:

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  • Thomas Logo

Certified quality for consistent precision, flexibility, and reproducibility.

We rely on the consistent certification of our quality standards, clear standard operating procedures as part of our integrated management system and one-hundred-percent traceability. In order to ensure that the quality remains consistent, we analyse, measure and optimise every component in our GAUDLITZ measuring center GAUDLITZ competence centre – from the industrial measuring procedure to non-destructive computed tomography. We test the use of alternative materials, carry out preventive feasibility analyses and take on the customer-specific design of tools and automation processes.

  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 50001
  • AEO certificate

Do you have a great idea? We can turn it into reality. From development, tool construction to large-scale production and market maturity.

Benefit from the advantages of having an experienced system supplier.

On site, we have all the requisite materials expertise, injection moulding technology, metrology equipment, available capacity and clean room conditions required for an efficient and economical implementation of the complete development and manufacturing process for any batch size.


Our strengths lie in engineering materials and process consultancy, plastic-compatible tool and component design and in the production of ultra-precise and customer-specific plastic solutions. Thanks to our assembly- and post-processing capabilities we can provide the entire process from under one roof.

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