Our plastics expertise for a more precise, more economical and more efficient component.

For us, development means working together to bring new ideas to life, checking feasibility and carrying out correctly timed and continually optimised quality assurance in accordance with the process.

We are particularly renowned for our process-related technical advice, cost-effective trade-offs when substituting metals and for inspecting the feasibility of your intended product. This results in reliable data which can thereafter be used in our own tool manufacturing plant.

  • Product development together with the customer
  • Prototype development and production
  • Design development
  • Feasibility analyses and simulations
  • Weak point analyses in own measurement laboratories
  • Analysis and optimisation of third-party components
  • Further development of raw material production

Leading edge products - thanks our knowledge and innovative thinking. Where does it make sense to think about plastics?

We are engaged in new technologies, areas of uses and process-potential. Thanks to the intensive exchange of knowledge with raw material manufacturers, universities, colleges and associations, we are able to aid the development of important topics such as lightweight construction and CO2 reduction. We explore degrees of flexibility, increase the automation levels of our processes and increase the production range by consistently developing of our assembly work.


  • competent technical consulting

Specialised technical consulting - from plastics selection to feasibility.

We are happy to advise you along the entire value-added chain, both during the optimisation of already existing components and during the entire new development on the basis of a specification sheet provided. During the procedure we provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making processes when it comes to selecting an appropriate material, choosing the processing and connecting techniques as well as planning the level of automation.

  • Materials consultation and choice of technology
  • Substitutability of metals
  • Integration of additional features
  • Consultation regarding automation options
  • Employee on a white-board

Analysis and optimisation - conclusive insights into feasibility and product life.

Together with you we work to create the optimal prerequisites for placing products and new developments on the market faster and in a more market ready state. Thanks to our computer-supported analysing, simulating and calculating methods, we are able to demonstrate the improvement potentials in advance and tolerances up to µ dimensions. In addition, our measuring center can demonstrate component or module weak points using our own computed tomography system and take them into consideration when carrying out further development.

Filling simulation and feasibility studies in the run-up (MoldFlow and CATIAV5-GAS FEM analyses) KISSsoft calculation programme for gearing and transmission area design. Non-destructive component and module analysis using our own Zeiss computed tomography


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