Ready for big steps? Then here we have a personal stepping stone for you made of plastic - start your training at GAUDLITZ in Coburg.

  • Trainees of GAUDLITZ GmbH

Because we rely on our trainees, we keep all roads and doors wide open for you. All you have to do is join us.

We mutually promote your interests, talents and skills. Learning many exciting occupations you will get acquainted with the dynamic world of plastics processing and get to know the opportunities available to you. We will accompany you along your road to success and would like win you over as a long-term real peformer for our site and company. Do not start your training simply anywhere, but there where you come from.


  • Variety of occupations

Variety of occupations

Discover a broad range of technical and commercial courses. Your vocational training courses.


  • Time for you

Time for you

In consideration of your commitment to your new profession, we give you plenty of time and freedom for your personal development, hobbies, family and leisure.


  • fair remuneration

Fair remuneration

We gladly reward performance and commitment. This what we understand as fair play.

  • own training workshop

Own training workshop

The most suitable place for your first steps at the workbench. Here you will learn from your instructor which screws have to be turned.

  • Rate of hiring after training: 95%

Rate of hiring after training: 95 %

We have hired all our trainees in the last five years and cannot find any reason to justify a change in this practice.

  • Advancement opportunity

Career opportunities

Immediately after your graduation, you can quickly assume extra responsibility at each stage of your career ladder.


Many careers have started here. In our training workshop, you will obtain your first experience with materials and plant equipment and learn what it means to control forces precisely.

  • Trainee

Our process technicians and tool mechanics start here in the basic training course "Metal". In addition to rolling, drilling and milling, all commercial and technical professions learn important basic skills in material processing and handling of machinery and plant equipment.


  • Optimally equipped with 24 workbenches at 420 m2
  • State-of-the-art training equipment
  • Sufficient room for 24 trainees
  • Award winners Paul Dill, Lars Scheller and Frank Lorenz

In Bavaria at the forefront. As a rule, our trainees are among the best in their industrial sector and also set new standards in volunteering.

We would like to congratulate our trainees Paul Dill, Lars Scheller and Frank Lorenz for winning the Dr. KAPP exemplary prize from the Bavarian Trade Association for Metal and Electric Engineering e.V. (Bayme).

  • Open training positions

Here you can find an overview of our current vocational training courses. Apply online now.

Do you still have any questions about your career start?

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