GAUDLITZ supply chain management - a customer-oriented, superior control system.

Quick to respond thanks to short-chain processes, short throughput times and effective connections.

For us supply chain management means keeping costs relating to the process chain as low as possible, reducing throughput times and using resources sustainably and efficiently. Benefit from our compact company structure well-established ties with raw material manufacturers, service providers and logistic partners as well our ability to react quickly and flexibly to any change in overall conditions or changes in demand. We plan, manage and control using a cross-site ERP system network so that we can ensure a 100% traceability and delivery according to schedule.


Your advantages

  • Customer-oriented, simple lean processes
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • IT-supported processes based on an ERP system
  • Authorised economic operator (AEO)

From raw materials to shipment process – sustainable resource management along the entire value added chain.

  • First step: procurement logistics


We place importance on sustainable procurement strategies with a clear emphasis on quality and the use of local subcontractors if as possible.

  • Second step: production logistics


Short-chain processes, sensibly automated systems and demand-oriented Kanban system – the customer's order is always the main focus of our process-oriented, lean approach.


  • Step 3 Distribution logistics


We take great care to make sure that your products are delivered to you on time and as best as possible according to your requirements. As an AEO, we can take advantage of preferential customs handling worldwide.