Our employees are the true components of our company's success. For this reason we will never cease to reward performance, promote development and create personal freedom.

We support consistent work with young professionals and offer cross-generational perspectives for people and our region.

Our employee policy is based on the development and promotion of our own youth to encourage cross-generation company growth. For this purpose we create the general conditions necessary for use their strengths sensibly, plan their advancement and establish a safe and pleasant working environment. We want our experts to make a long-term committment to our company and believe in flat hierarchy, personal communication and working in small teams. Confidence, honesty, fairness and commitment are the corner stones of our everyday work.


A good combination of knowledge transfer, development opportunities, fair remuneration and a good work-life balance. We want people to commit themselves to our company in the long term.

  • trainees

Our young professionals are among the best in Bavaria.

We are aware of the potential of our young people and start to support them as early as possible on their way to their professional career. For us the sustainable promotion of young professionals means stimulating their interests, showing them opportunities and developing their strengths. A target-oriented combination of fun, sense of responsibility and fascination for the many different uses for our plastics.

  • Close collaboration with regional schools
  • School-supported practical work and introductory work experience
  • Own training workshop
  • Family culture

The ability to combine job and family always plays an important role in the family culture at GAUDLITZ. We support women, both during their reintegration after parental leave and when coping with professional challenges.

  • Maternity leave, parental leave
  • Return after a full-time or part-time parental leave
  • Care-giver leave
  • Work-Life-Balance

A healthy combination of career and leisure time.

In order to maintain long-term performance, we make sure to maintain the proper balance between professional and private life. For us, it means freedom to take holidays and regular professional breaks, making everyday professional life as diversified as possible, encouraging motivation and the optimising of internal processes.

  • Flexible work schedules in various company departments
  • Company sport: football
  • Mobile massage
  • In-house training of various topics such as ergonomics in Production
  • Advanced training

Ready to meet the challenges of the market.

The expertise of our employees is, in this automated world, a guarantee of maintaining our market position as quality-leader. We grow alongside the knowledge of every employee and value consistent advanced training and promotion of our key personnel. We strengthen team spirit, responsibility and motivation with the aid of individually planned advanced training courses, regular internal and external training courses. On the basis of personal development talks we set realistic development goals and support our employees in reaching them.

  • Internal training of employees for employees
  • Language courses
  • External training courses
  • In-house training courses
  • Health management

Fit and healthy for daily work.

Health, occupational safety and integration of employees with disabilities are integral components of our professional health management. These include prevention of occupational accidents and work-related illnesses, promotion of a healthy life for our employees as well as our professional integration management and integration of people suffering from serious illnesses or with disabilities.

  • Health and safety at work
  • Promoting health at work
  • Rehabilitation

From probably the longest-serving wire cutting machinist in the whole of Germany to aspiring careerists. Our employees share their personal success stories with you.


  • Laura Krett, Florian Schubert, Dieter Sonnefeld