Strengthening Coburg

Developments in the automotive industry not only affect manufacturers, but also suppliers in particular. In order to remain competitive in the long term, the Coburg plastics specialist GAUDLITZ is repositioning itself from now on...

We can look back on over 80 years of success in the manufacture of high-precision plastic parts and assemblies. We are very proud of this. The economy is constantly changing and companies also have to adapt. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Coburg location in the long term, GAUDLITZ will undertake a consistent reorientation.

"We will strengthen our sales activities both in our core business and in sectors outside the automotive industry", points out our CEO Niels Roelofsen, "and at the same time we will consistently put our internal structures and processes to the test".

GAUDLITZ is also sending a clear message for the Coburg location from a technical point of view: Over the past few months, substantial investments have been made in ultra-modern injection moulding machines.

GAUDLITZ looks positively into the future with its long company history and the consistent further development of its business model. Nothing will change for our customers: they have always valued GAUDLITZ standards at world class level.